Innovation in interventional cardiology

Corsair Pro XS microcatheter

Dr. José R. Rumoroso


Corsair Pro XS is the new generation of microcatheter by Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd. (Japan). Its key characteristic is the SHINKA-Shaft: a new 14-wire braid that completely changes the rotational shaft design, increasing the performance of the device in retrograde approach. This type of braided wire allows the microcatheter to be rotated many more times than the previous generations of Corsair, which is why it is indicated in cases requiring a microcatheter (antegrade or retrograde approach) with a high degree of rotation to cross the plaque. The tip entry profile is 1.3 Fr (0.44 mm), like the Corsair Pro, but with a distal shaft outer diameter of 2.1 Fr (0.71 mm), smaller than the 2.6 Fr (0.87 mm) of the Corsair pro. The soft tapered tip is shorter than other similar catheters, 6.5 mm vs 10 mm, which facilitates plaque penetration. It has a 70 cm hydrophilic coating (normally 60 cm) and a hypotube that is more flexible and resistant to mechanical fatigue, a common problem in long procedures.

This represents a great advance in device innovation for complex percutaneous procedures.

Palabras clave: microcatéter, oclusión coronaria crónica total. Keywords: microcatheter, chronic total occlusion.