Innovation in interventional cardiology

Boosting guide extension catheter

Dr. José R. Rumoroso


The guide extension catheter has become an essential device for treating stenotic lesions in complex coronary interventional procedures. When the guide catheter has limited support, reaching a target lesion for balloon dilatation and stent implantation can become mission impossible. Guide extension catheters, an extension of the guide catheter, facilitate safe device passage. It is amazing to see how they are able to reach lesions that balloons or stents would not even get near.

A new guide catheter extension has been released, called Boosting (QX Medical, USA), which has some new features that others do not have. The catheter is hydrophilic along its entire length, with a rounded tip to avoid a razor-blade effect on the atheroma plaque.

At the transition zone, a unique characteristic is worthy of note: the proximal part of the catheter is very wide, and its lumen accommodates the guide catheter without leaving a space between the two. This feature prevents flow between the guide catheter and the extension, so that, if fluid or contrast is given, it goes straight to the tip of the guide catheter extension. Also, if we want to advance a guidewire it can be introduced directly into the extension, without the risk of passing outside it. The portion that is used to push is made of two soldered wires with great flexibility and pushability that are integrated directly with the shaft of the catheter.

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